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Sort the court

author image by Aiden | Gaming Review Strategy | 1 Comment | 02 May 2019

Sort the court is a very unique genre of game. This game is mostly about strategy and how you run your kingdom. In this game you can either choose to run your kingdom as a King or a Queen. Doesn’t…

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Monster Sanctuary

author image by Aiden | Adventure Gaming Review RPG Strategy | 0 Comments | 22 Feb 2019

Monster Sanctuary , a mix of both terraria and pokemon , in the same universe. Now it does not have the same characters or made by the same company , in fact , Monster Sanctuary was developed by Denis Sinner…

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Ark survival evolved

author image by Aiden | Adventure RPG Strategy Survival | 0 Comments | 16 Dec 2018

Ark Survival Evolved Ark Survival Evolved , the game that is so beautiful , has so much land , and the best part is you can express you creativity , I have played this game for months and I think…

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