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What’s new with Cyphergamez?

author image by Aiden | Gaming Other | 0 Comments | 13 Jul 2019

Hey there! Aiden from Cyphergamez. I would like to discuss with every what has been going on with cyphergamez lately and why there has been a lack of content! First off , I am the only person who works on…

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Game Companies facing financial losses?

author image by Aiden | Other | 0 Comments | 15 Feb 2019

Are Gaming Companies facing financial losses? Most if not all of you have heard of big gaming company titles such as Blizzard or Electronic arts , or even Bugie , but have you heard that a lot of big title…

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Red Dead Redemption 2

author image by Aiden | Other | 0 Comments | 19 Nov 2018

RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 We all love videos games , especially when the game has jaw dropping graphics like Red Dead Redemption 2!  Red Dead 2 , By Rockstar Games is an amazing game with beautiful graphics regarding mountains ,…

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