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May | 1 | 2019

About Us

Cyphergamez is an independently run by the original creator of it “Aiden Stickel.” I made this company because I love to help others and wanted to express it through my writing and this company. This company is pretty small but hopefully will grow over time , the more the company grows , the more I hope that others grow as well. Cyphergamez is a non-profit company which you can find the latest News , Articles , Tips , Guides , and more all for 100% free. I decide not to put ads on my website because I want the user to have the best experience possible.


  1. Help Others : I have been working on this website mainly to support others who are also looking to be heard and have their content spread and be out there for all to see , I have been helping smaller streamer grow their streams and indie developers to publicise their game.
  2. Be unique: A main goal of mine has been to make Cyphergamez as unique as possible , I do not want it to be a clone or a rebrandment of another company , I want my company to be one of a kind , and every day I am getting closer and closer.


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