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Hey there! Aiden from Cyphergamez. I would like to discuss with every what has been going on with cyphergamez lately and why there has been a lack of content!

First off , I am the only person who works on this website and it costs money to maintain the domain and such so I need to work. How I have been making my money is by graphic design. I have also been focused on furthering my education at my young age of 14. Haven’t been very motivated to move on with this website as of late due to not enough traffic. I will try to post at least once a week , and will maintain with updates and new features!

If you want to help me out and make cyphergamez go further , then I suggest you become a patron (donate monthly) Even $5 a month could help me out so much and I would appreciate your help , obviously this is up to you , give it a thought. My plan is to make this website big and to continue updating it with new features that make you want to engage with the community. Been pretty hard to work , maintain two websites , and have all this other stuff to do. If you could also volunteer to help out and maintain the site with me then please contact my official business email : cyphergameztm@gmail.com

Anyways , just wanted to update everyone on how things have been going behind the scenes and all , I hope you have a wonderful day , I will talk to you all later! 


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