Sort the court is a very unique genre of game. This game is mostly about strategy and how you run your kingdom. In this game you can either choose to run your kingdom as a King or a Queen. Doesn’t really matter which you choose , the only thing that matters is that you think about your choices and choose them wisely. In this game , there are many characters of whom I will not name because it would spoil everything , but there are many characters in this game that deceive you. The best decision is to take time on every characters question. 

As you keep progressing through everything , your economy continue to grow , people become happier , your population of your kingdom grows as well. Just keep in mind , some characters will steal from you either by killing your people , or stealing your gold. Gold is used to continue the expansion of the kingdom , the main goal of the game is to join the Council of Kings and Queens , once you do that , you have basically finished the game even though you can still play on if you wish.


The art in this game is also a unique part of everything. But the thing that you remember the most about this game is it’s wonderful story. I finished the game after (71 days) in game. Whilst in reality it only took me about an hour. The story is short but sweet! As every game I review on here , I highly recommend you play this awesome game , I guarantee you won’t regret it. This game has been played by the popular YouTuber “Markiplier” and some other fairly big YouTubers. The game is free to play which is great considering all the work and effort put into the game. 


Release date : December 14 , 2015

Compatible Platforms : Mac , Windows , Linux

Rating : 5/5 (1529) According to

Author : Graeme Borland

Price : Free





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