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The Clockworker is a fantastic game that has many unique mechanics. The artwork is what caught my eye. The artwork is very unique and very well done! Out of all the puzzle platformer games I have played , this is my favorite! I love the art style and how it is simplistic and advanced at the same time. I love all of the levels , which there are many to go throught! The game revolves around time , hence the name “The clockworker” You can see the person you play as through different ages and ways. 

This is one of the most clever games ever created. This game was created by Aitor Lopez and was released fairly recently. 

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This game has tons of levels as I mentioned earlier. You can have endless hours of fun! I highly recommend this game for those of you who like puzzle games or even platformer games. This game puts your mind to the test and makes you think “Should I go this way?” Honestly it is an amazing story and a very unique art style that you don’t really ever see in a lot of games these days. Most games tend to try to make their graphics look very realistic but here , it is plain and simple in a good way. You can tell the time and effort that the developer put into the art. 

The things that stand out the most in this game are not necessarily the puzzles , what stood out to me is the art and the story behind the game , as you continue on in the game , each level you complete , another story unveils. Which in my opinion is a great idea because slim to none have come up with this idea.

All in all , the game is great. Almost everything about this game is perfect as I have stated in the past , so I highly recommend getting this game and the best part is it is completely free so not only will you be helping the creator , but you will be helping yourself so take some time to get to know the game and learn.


Release Date : August 8 , 2018

Compatible Platforms : Mac , Windows

Rating : 5/5 (10) According to

Author : Aitor Lopez

Price : Free

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