Monster Sanctuary , a mix of both terraria and pokemon , in the same universe. Now it does not have the same characters or made by the same company , in fact , Monster Sanctuary was developed by Denis Sinner and according to our sources some others also worked on this project. This game does feature some of the same mechanics as both terraria and pokemon , such as the pixelated 2d world , where there are different places to explore , or the pokemon type fighting style where there are different choices of attacks and to choose from. This game has many of the same features and mechanics as Pokemon and Terraria. 

There are four different classes to choose from , each with a different “Spirit Animal” One of the animals , the one that I picked , was the wolf. The story behind these spirit animals , is that these animals have protected their families for years and years. After each family member passes away, this spirit animals gets passed down from father to son , from mother to daughter , protecting them in case of any danger. You explore this open world , but there is a limit to where you can travel , you must first test your ability to fight a boss , then and only then can you progress through whats seems to be a story. I have played this game for well over an hour and I have made decent progress . You can level up , not only yourself , but your pets that you cain obtain through progressing through the story , and you can collect many artifacts , and other items that can benefit you in and out of the battlefield. 

If you want to play a game that is kind of like terraria , and don’t care that there is no building/crafting for the most part  , then this game is for you , if you are looking for a game that has building and crafting mechanics , I suggest you go look for another game. However , if you are a pokemon fan , you will most likely love the style of gameplay and battles that you can have within the game. Explore caves , unlock chests , upgrade you and your pets , open eggs , etc. There are many features in this game , but the game is not completely perfect , it does also have some bugs and other downsides that you may fix , or may not. Don’t let this article trouble you though , we are not saying the game is bad , we are simply criticizing the game so that it can get even better than it already is , in my opinion , I loved the game. It gives you a sort of nostalgia from playing all those years ago , pokemon , and terraria , even minecraft in some ways.

Monster Sanctuary has been a very successful in raising money on kickstarter , and by building an awesome and loving community. This game is great for when you want to settle down , it is not at all stressful , in some ways it is calming . All in all , the game was awesome , of course it had its’ flaws , but every game has flaws , its’ what makes the game a game. I highly recommend you go check it out and show the devs some love. You can download this game for FREE and it is offline too! Thank you all for taking the time out of your day to come here and read another fun game review , I hope you all have an amazing rest of your day!


Release Date : August 8 , 2018

Compatible Platforms : Mac , Linux , Windows

Rating : 5/5 (28) According to

Author : Sersch

Price : Free

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