SMBM-Sacrifices Must Be Made


Sacrifices Must be made

SMBM or “Sacrifices Must Be Made” is a strategy card game , where you need to sacrifice a card for another , it will make more sense once we get into everything. This game came out on a platform for indie game developers called , pretty recently. This indie game was developed and published by “Daniel Mullins” , he has created some other games such as “Blunderbuss” or “It’s a small world.” And the 12 other games that he has made. Basically you are in a dimly lit cabin in the middle of the woods and you are starving to death , you haven’t eaten in months and are looking for food. The stranger in the wooden cabin will feed you , but there’s a catch , he will only fead you if you are willing to play a game of cards with him , if you win , he feeds you , if you lose…well then lets just say your dead.

This game has a very unique tone to it , setting the mood of the game with this eerie stranger and the dimmed light. This game , unlike any other card game there is , has a unique playing system of sacrificing one card to put a better card down or placing a much needed card somewhere. The games graphics make the game even better , not to realistic and not to cartoony. There are well over 10 cards , each with unique health and dmg (damage). I do not really consider this game to be a horror game , more of a thriller and definitely strategic card game.

According to Daniel Mullins , and his page , the tools used were Unity , Photoshop , Pixatool , Audacity (audio) , Garage band (music) and his mic for recording sounds. Overall , this game is very cool , and a unique type of card game/genre , I highly suggest that you go check out and download his game! Before I go , I want to mention some more details about the game , and it’s basics. The goal of the game is to beat the stranger at a game of cards , then he will feed you. You randomly get cards throughout the time that you play . There are a bunch of reasons to go play this game right now and , support Daniel Mullins , we will try to do another review on his games , if we can but thank you all so much for all your support lately we really appreciate it.


Release Date : Dec 3 , 2018

Compatible Platforms : Windows , Mac , Linux

Rating : 5/5 (28) According to

Author : Daniel Mullins

Price : Free


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