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Streets Of Rogue

Todays’ game we have “Streets Of Rogue.” A indie game by Matt Dabrowski. In this game you can fight , hack , sneak , assassinate , etc. It is about player choice , freedom , and anarchic fun! This game takes place in a generated city , where you can choose to be 1 of 23 unique characters that are also fully customizable to your liking. In order to progress , you need to accomplish specific mission goals in the way the player desires. The player can use all of their special character exclusive abilities to progress through each floor , there are 20+ floors to complete , each with different placement of things. 

Make sure that you do not get caught by the cops in this game , they will arrest you if they see any suspicious activity happening , such as a murder , or stealing. You need to direct as far away from the police’s sight as possible , otherwise it is game over and you have to start all over again at floor 1. If you are angry , then play this game , it almost always gets steam of your chest. Just let all of your anger out on the AI in this game. It got extremely positive reviews and got a 10/10 on steam. You can fight loads of AI whether it is a cop , a robber , a drug dealer , or just plain old citizens. Get a crap ton of amazing weapons and power ups , my personal favorite power up allows you to become a Giant for 20 seconds , this allows you to literally become a huge version of yourself and can squash anything from walls to buildings to people!

It is amazing that one person made this all by themself , All the pixels , everything looks extremely smooth and good looking for a pixel game. Like the game we talked about in the last post , this is also 2d and pixelated. You can download the free version now , we will leave a. link down below for you to support and download this amazing game made by Matt Dabrowski. Or you can support him even more by buying his game (the full version) on steam. It has a bunch more features and DLC content. This game is $14.99 USD on steam and on his website , but it is well worth the money , I highly encourage everyone to go buy the game if you have some extra money lying around.

Overall , it is a fun game that will give you hours of fun , there is blood and gore in this game with a bunch of violence , if you do not wish to play it then by all means do not , but if you do like all that stuff , then have fun! The free version (demo) is below.





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