Game Companies facing financial losses?

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Are Gaming Companies facing financial losses?

Most if not all of you have heard of big gaming company titles such as Blizzard or Electronic arts , or even Bugie , but have you heard that a lot of big title gaming companies are facing financial losses? Yes , that is correct . These big gaming companies have been dominating the market for years and years , but then on July 25 , 2017 , a game named “Fortnite” came into the world and people started to play it , it caught their eye because it was free to play , this caught some people’s attention right from the start. The cartoon like graphics , the constant updates , new weapons coming in and also being vaulted. People really enjoyed this game. Now this game made a huge impact in the gaming industry , it impacted in a good way , and it also hurt other gaming companies. 

On September , 2017 , this game became extremely popular , all ages were playing it , for hours and hours. On that date , fortnite become one of the most best selling games in the entire market , epic games “Creators of fortnite” has amassed 126 million players world-wide , and had gotten a total of 1.2 billion dollars. But as fortnite and epic games Started to grow in players and size of a company , other gaming companies lost millions of dollars and players , they all migrated to fortnite. This hurt major gaming companies in a financial way , and many people had to be fired.

I believe that this also hurt a huge gaming company that made their own genre of game , this company was “Telltale games.” This company had sold well over 1 million copies of their game “The walking Dead” in just 20 days! But I think that the growth of fortnite and epic games hurt this company , and literally killed it. On September 21 , 2018 , Telltale had announced that their entire company was shutting down and they had to fire over 800 employees. Only 25 employees were left with the difficult challenge of finishing the last season of “TWD” within less than 40 days. Epic games has dominated the gaming industry , selling millions of copies world-wide , putting people out of jobs , but I do not want to say that they are deliberately trying to put these games in the grave. 

Now , epic games has put some people out of jobs , but they have also helped people get ones , whether it is through the “Support-a-creator” system , or by them employing people into their company. It has helped a man named Tyler blevins AKA “Ninja” grow extremely popular , with well over 20 million subscribers on youtube and something million followers on twitch , Tyler Blevins has grown his channel off of fortnite , and a bunch of other youtubers found this as a great way to become popular , so they fed off the meat and many people actually become extremely popular , all because of fortnite. Epic games has done some significant damage to the gaming market and companies. But they have also helped many people.

There will be a point in time where Fortnite will become less and less popular , as all game does , they die in the end at some point , and there is a new and more popular game that comes along and dominates in the gaming industry. That is just the cycle of games and companies , one moment they are really popular , and big. Then they die , their game is no longer played , no one is interested in that specific game anymore , and they move on to play a different game. Now It may take a while for fortnite to die , but there are companies rising from the grave to rise back , and some people have gotten bored of the game , many twitch streamers have gotten tired of Fortnite and moved onto other games , but this significantly decreased their viewer count. But they would much rather play a game they love and have less viewers , than playing a game they hate and have more viewers.

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