Terraria Review


Terraria Review

Terraria is a 2d pixelated open world sandbox game where your goal is to survive and beat the game , but don’t worry , if you die in this game you get to keep your things such as items or weapons etc. I personally like this feature because I do tend to die from time to time. When you start up the game , you will see three buttons to choose from , one is where you can go through the tutorial , the second one is settings , and the third is to play the game. Once you press “Play” the game takes you to a screen where you create your Character , with a bunch of different things to make your character how you want it to be. After your done creating your character , you get placed in a very colorful pixelated world of Terraria! 

You spawn in a randomly generated world with a Sword , a Pickaxe , and an Axe. Explore the world of terraria , build your base in whatever environment you want whether above ground or even underground , this game lets you decide what you want to do! There are 1360+ crafting recipes , 450+ enemies , 100+ bock types to build whatever you can imagine , 30+ pets to take on your journey , 20+ bosses , Day/Night cycles , well over a dozen environments , and one of the parts is you can play terraria offline! This is great road trips and plane rides , or even when the power goes out , you’ve got terraria at your side to play! I have personally played the game and I love it , I would highly recommend to all you open world sandbox game fans. 

There are also many underground caves that you can explore and find chests with tons of awesome loot. Just be careful , there are all sorts of traps in these cave systems, some being poisonous dart traps , or falling boulders that can squash you like a bug. You can collect all sorts of potions that are able to help you along your journey such as Health Potions , Food and drink potions , Buff potions , etc. There are endless possibilities in this game. Many bosses to fight and earn rewards after killing them , beware tho if you do not have certain potions , your chances of survival of these bosses are slim to none. As you play more and more , and discover new things , you also unlock the ability to unlock even more than you were able to before! This game will get you hooked for hours without becoming bored. 

You can find 20+ npcs scattered around the world each allowing you to buy and sell different items depending on the npc. Some give you quests , some are nothing but merchants , but you will be able to find many items useful at which they sell. The currency in this game are coins . Each with a different value. Also , there are loads of ores that you can find in caves , the farther down you get , the better loot you are able to receive! These ores also allow you to craft certain items , weapons , even armor.

This game is overall an incredible game , I think it would be worth your time to get it , yes , it is $5 but it is a small price to pay for such an amazing game with hours of entertainment , and on the bright side , you can play it offline as I have mentioned earlier , and there are no In-App purchases. We don’t just say this ourselves , over 20,000+ people also enjoy this game! Hope you all enjoyed this review , if you did , make sure to let us know on our twitter @CyphergamezTM , we constantly post updates and info on there , and from time to time , even gift cards!

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