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Apex Legends

Apex legends is the ultimate first person battle royale game that is base around working with your team to win! Unlike other battle royale games , Apex Legends allows you to revive your teammates making it so that you can revive your teammates until you either win or your squad gets eliminated. You can easily communicate with your team by pinging an enemy or item that you see on the ground. Apex Legends is loved by many and was recently released on March 1st , 2019 for beta players and was released to the public on February 4th , 2019. What makes this game unlike the others is that it allows better team communication and it just make you even more involved with your team and promotes teamwork. There are 8 unique characters to choose from. Every game you are randomly picked to either be first , second , or third in choosing your character. 

The goal of the game , just like any other battle royale game is to be the last team standing. After you choose your character one of you’re teammates are randomly picked to choose a location to in this case Glide into. When you drop with your team , you can either stay with them and drop at the destinated area or disband from your team formation and drop somewhere else. This game gives you a fully immersive experience when it comes to team play and gameplay. Yes , there is in-game purchases but it is not pay to play or pay to win. There are a bunch of amazing guns that you can find scattered all over the map.

Another thing that this game has that other battle royales do not is that there is different tier loot in different locations , for example , you drop in “Water treatment” and you get say “Legendary” tier loot. Many players may go there depending on the loot type. If you have never played Apex legends before or are just starting out gaming , then they have a tutorial mode fully interactive for you to learn how to play the game properly!

We highly recommend you check the game out and give it a. try! The game is available on Xbox , PC , and PS4. We give this game a 8.9/10.The best part is it is free to play!

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