Far Cry 5


Yes yes I know this is a little outdated but not by much! Far cry 5 is first person shooter with a massive open world game where you play as “Deputy” in Hope County , Montana. The main boss of the game is “The Father” or Joseph Seed , leader of a religious cult who punishes those who do not follow him. You play throughout the game killing loads of animals , completing missions and defeating Joseph’s offspring , unlocking new guns , etc. There are three regions of Hope County , one ran by each offspring. One being “Faith’s region” another being “Jacob’s region.” and the last one being “John’s region.”

If you were to play this game for yourself , I would highly recommend it for all you Far cry and first person shooter fans! The goal of the game is to kill Joseph seed and his family , and rescue your friends. This game was developed by “Ubisoft” and having sold over 5 million copies just in the first week! Compared to Far Cry’s other games , in my opinion this is the best one yet! But I should look forward to playing Ubisoft’s new game “Far Cry : New Dawn” which is being released February 2019. Far cry has gone very far with their franchise and will probably go even farther , the franchise over all has sold well over 100 million copies world wide! 

Well that’s all from me today , hope you enjoyed this short review and if you did enjoy comment down below your favorite far cry game! Have an amazing day!

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