Ark Survival Evolved

Ark Survival Evolved , the game that is so beautiful , has so much land , and the best part is you can express you creativity , I have played this game for months and I think it is a awesome game where you can survive and thrive within this open world survival game! We will have the rating of the game below. 

Ark is a open world Survival game where you can build , tame , dominate , and destroy basically whatever! You start out with nothing , on a island where you must survive . Your first base will probably be made out of thatch , you can go all the way up the metal bases. You can level all the way up to lvl 135 and unlock over 300 different items to use to your advantage. According to , to unlock all the items in the game , it costs a total of 7107 engram points.

There are all sorts of dinos that you can unlock/tame for your advantage or you can make a breeding farm to make more dinos! Whatever you plan to do with your life in ark , you can do. You can live in a cave , in a tree , on a waterfall , etc. Although caves are dangerous to go into without the proper gear , it is a good place for a base to store your stuff. Dinos also have nests in caves so you can collect the eggs of those dinos , if your lucky. Most places in caves are dangerous to explore , the rest of the areas are decently safe. 

Collect crystals to make all sorts of electronics such as C4 , C4 detonator , pikes , cameras , and other electric devices. You can basically do whatever you want in this game and we highly recommend it for those of you that have money. Cost of the game : $29.99.

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