Red Dead Redemption 2

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We all love videos games , especially when the game has jaw dropping graphics like Red Dead Redemption 2!  Red Dead 2 , By Rockstar Games is an amazing game with beautiful graphics regarding mountains , characters , etc. You can tell a lot of gamers loved this games because of its 97% upvote rating on METACRITIC! We have watched ever so closely to this game and we would say that about 510,000 of 17 million copies were not enjoyed. If you don’t understand what we mean by this , we mean that about people out of 16,490,000 of the 17 million copies sold of this game were enjoyed. Now , our math on this may not be correct but we sure do mean that so many people enjoyed this game! 

Many big youtubers such as Markiplier have played this game as well! A quote from Markiplier’s perspective on Red Dead Redemption 2 says this about the game “This game is beautiful!” In our opinion , Red Dead Redemption is a wonderful game based in the wild west , with everything being very nice and neat with the graphics and fps. If you don’t know what Red Dead Redemption is , basically it is a game based in the Wild west full of Danger , Adventure , Romance , and Courage. Face your enemies , Duel people , Buy items , explore the wild west , and much more , this game is bases upon the mid 1800s , the game’s time period is 12 years prior (after) the the first game!

So what do you think about Read Dead Redemption 2? Is it good , is it bad , Do the events seem real? You can tell us on our twitter @CyphergamezTM

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