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How to do this easy and amazing farm glitch that will get you lots of amazing rewards. We will explain how to do this glitch , but first we must put a link to the founder of this glitch : Tritan Army . Now lets begin ! First step is to go to the Escalation protocol mission , next go get the boss to the lowest health possible without killing it and when the timer hits 0:00 then kill the boss , then you can repeat this as many times as you want . 



Reddit Destiny 2 players have uncovered a pretty cool glitch in the destiny forsaken expansion that lets you get into the Last Wish raid area ! You can find the raid loot once you get there without having to actually fight your way to the loot. Bungie may very well have patched this glitch already by the time you are reading this but if the glitch still works then you are in luck! This glitch is very useful and lets you get the loot with barely any effort! The glitch was first revealed on r/destinythegame by u/ozberk. The glitch has a how to on youtube explaining how to do the glitch by a youtuber named RifleGaming . 



Basically for this glitch what you need is a hunter with tether on and combine the heart of the pack with the way of the pathfinder then you can use this simple and op glitch to tether a crap ton of enemies all at once , we estimate that you can have 100-200 enemies in that one super at once! This glitch can help you in a bunch of pve situations and maybe in some pvp situations!

We thank you for reading this and if it helps please do let us know also if the glitches do not work let us know please! Some of these glitches may not work due to their age.






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