3 Fortnite tips and tricks to improve your skills



Here are 3 tips and tricks to help improve your skills at fortnite!

#3 – In our number 3 spot we have : Increase the volume on your device.

This is very important to increase the volume of your device to hear gun shots and footsteps , this will help you either avoid a gun fight and move into the circle (safe zone) or it can also help you find your target and take them down! Say that your in a house , and you hear footsteps (not your own) and then you try searching for that person.In this situation I suggest that you stop moving first then try to locate where that person is . (I recommend that you have your volume at least 20% higher than your usual volume).

#2 – In our number 2 spot we have : Use the builder pro control setting and have turbo builder on.

The builder pro control setting is by far the best setting to use if your in a gun fight depending on what device your using. According to the website PCGAMERThe Turbo building setting is one of the most important settings in fortnite and you should certainly have it on all the time.Click this to watch a short example of Turbo building in action. After you watch the video , know you have some idea of how important Turbo building is. An advantage of “Turbo Builder and Builder Pro” are increased building speed which will help when you are constantly being shot at.

#1 – In our number 1 spot we have : Always build around yourself when your sniping. 

A great tip is to always and I mean always build around yourself when your sniping . This is very helpful especially when you hear a gunfight going on . Doing this will help you to not get snuck up on and killed . So for example , below you can see a base type . This base type is great for sniping and for you to not get snuck up on .


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