Game generators are scams



Gamer : “Yaah! I finally found a working gem generator for Clash of Clans!”

Me : “Um , no you actually didn’t.”

Gamer : “How so?”


Well you see , if you want to generate gems for a game or any type of resource for that game and you find a website that says , for example : “FREE VBUCK GENERATOR FOR FORTNITE,” it’s NOT real . Trust me when I tell you that there are no actual working game generators out there. All the website wants is for people to visit their website and to get more people to follow them on social media or to get money by putting ads on that website.

A way that you can determan if it is a scam or not is by if there is a thing that asks you to complete a task. Like the example below.








It says you must verify that your not a robot or AI by installing 2 apps which are actually just viruses that would infect your device no doubt. These are ALL scams , not a single one actually works . How these types of websites actually work is by getting people to think that the generator will actually work and the more clicks that the people do the more money the people running the website get.

I have tested over many years (2) because I too was fooled by this system once , never again tho because if there is one thing I have learned , it’s to never trust these types of stuff. Also , another way to tell if it’s a scam or not is by seeing that you can get a “$500 Gift card” if you just put in you email , password , address , all that . It is just fake . All that it will do to you is send you spam emails (fake emails) and lead you into more fake generators and such . Trust me when I say it is a pain in the butt to remove all those emails that you get.

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